Upgrade Your Education

With access to the University of Maine System, the dedicated staff at Houlton Higher Education Center are devoted to helping you attain your educational goals. In addition, the school systems offer a caring progressive approach for primary education. Houlton makes learning easy.

RSU 29 Public Schools (Pre K-12)

The Education Community of RSU 29 encourages the growth, high aspirations, and quality standards for its students and staff. We respect responsible risk-taking and decision-making, value individual differences, and recognize that learning never ends. RSU 29 takes pride in the achievement of our community and provides an open and safe environment, which nurtures positive self-esteem and fosters mutual respect.

Higher Education in Houlton

Houlton is host to a range of both university and vocational higher education opportunties. The Houlton Higher Education Center, administered by the University of Maine at Presque Isle, offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in criminal justice, English, history, liberal studies and psychology, as well as general education courses towards other degree programs. Northern Maine Community College offers access to certificates and Associate’s degrees in liberal studies, programs in the trades, and healthcare.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Region Two School of Applied Technology is a proud member of Maine’s network of career and technical education (CTE) schools. We offer an focused, career-oriented education in our variety of CTE programs.

Private Schools

In addition to our great public schools, Houlton also hosts the Greater Houlton Christian Academy, a PK-12 Christian school, as well as two special purpose private schools — the Carleton Project and the Summit Academy.

Cary Library

Founded in 1904, Cary Library is a staple of Houlton Maine and offers a wide variety of materials for research, education and entertainment. Our mission is to strengthen our community by enhancing and contributing to individual knowledge and experiences, literacy development and lifelong learning through print, electronic resources, cultural activities, programs and services.

Having grown up in Houlton I didn’t really appreciate how special the schools were until I was living in the city and raising my own family. Once I had 3 children of my own I moved back from Boston to give my kids the same experience I had. A commitment to education in a community that values the individual talents of each learner. I only wish we had moved here sooner.

- Fred Grant