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Houlton is the perfect location to start a new job or even change careers. High minimum wages and low costs of living makes Houlton Maine one of the best places to work!

Remote Work Opportunities

Practically every home and business in Houlton is served by multiple broadband providers, including Spectrum, Consolidated Communications and our very own Pioneer Broadband. Having access to fast, affordable and reliable fiber internet makes remote work and telecommuting easy.

Relaxed, Stress-Free Location

Living and working in a small town, like Houlton, offers you many great benefits including lower cost of living, opportunities for more meaningful connections with your community, and access to a calmer, nature-filled life beyond the concrete jungle.

The internet connection speeds are better in Houlton than I had in Boston. Working from Houlton has all the small town benefits while seamlessly staying connected to my international team.”

- Nate Bodenstab

Major Area Employers

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